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BiCycle by Brooke Lindley


Belle Linden is a writer who mainly writes fiction but she decided to take the jump and write about her experiences being bisexual and biracial. Although she feels like it should be easy because it is her life she is coming to terms how it feels to not be enough or always wanting more.

Shedding the Antlers by Eric Braman, February 16-25, 2024

Shedding The Antlers

Dani is experiencing an identity crisis that weighs heavy on their mind, body, and spirit when White, a white-tail deer, appears in their home. White pulls Dani into a warehouse of memories where Dani explores the intricacies of their identity and fights for the confidence to become their true self. Shedding the Antlers is a Queer theatrical exploration of memory, remembrance, and the moments that drive us toward liberation.

QTK presents Perfectly Miscast Cabaret

MisCast Cabaret

Join us for our MisCast Cabaret event where performers sing and act individual scenes from performances, but with a twist. It's a playful and often humorous showcase that challenges traditional casting norms and allows performers to explore characters they wouldn't normally portray.

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