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About Us

Founded in 2013 by Laura K Henderson, we are a 501(c)3 not for profit theatre operating in the greater Kalamazoo area.  Queer Theatre Kalamazoo (QTK) produces entertainment with a positive connection to the queer community; what we call Equality Entertainment. Utilizing theatre as a catalyst for social change, we believe in the power of the performing arts to stimulate and normalize conversation of LGBTQIA+ voices; through positive exposure, in a safe space for all individuals to express themselves, and be heard.


We do our best to represent the queer community in and around Kalamazoo, but we haven’t met all of you yet! If there is a voice you feel is missing, please contact us! If you have a script of your own to share, or a topic you'd like to see addressed on stage, let us know.

Mission, Vision, Values & Goals


Empower all queer voices by building an accessible and equitable community through theatre and the arts.




Build a thriving, cultural community where queer people are free to live, express, take risks, and create.




Person-Centered & Radical in all things we stand for:

Accessibility; Transparency; Stewardship; Collaboration; Curiosity; Non-Hierarchical Transformative Justice.




Nurture QTK stakeholders as we increase and deepen community visibility and relationships.

Establish and maintain an intentional and transparent organization structure.

Infuse entire structure with radical inclusivity.

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