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Shannon Fleckenstein


Shannon is making her 13th appearance on the Queer Theater Kalamazoo stage. She would like to thank Mars for putting up with her and Chad for all his encouragement and support.

QTK Show Involvement


-Sister, Nana, Chorus: Shedding The Antlers by Eric Braman

-Performer: MisCast Cabaret

Past Seasons

-Blanche: Say Cheesecake!

-Becky: Step Three

-Multiple Roles: Short Play Festival

-Artistic Director: Angel of The People Mover

-Julia: The Days Are Shorter

-Trina: March of the Falsettos

-Holly: Next Fall

-Chaz X: Gayvengers Vs. The Ex-Men

-Danielle: Elles

-Laurel: Elles

-Narrator/Graduation Announcer: Elles

-Carrie: Elles

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