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Kate Harte-DeCoux


Kate Harte-DeCoux is a Theatre Director, Actor, and Educator originally from Flint, MI, with a BA in Theatre Performance from WMU and an MFA in Directing Theater from CUNY Brooklyn College. In her 15 years in NYC, Kate worked as an actor, director, educator, stage combatant, playwright, producer, & monologue coach, and founded Mortal Folly Theatre. Since returning to Michigan in 2016, she has worked with the Civic Theatre, Bare Backstage Productions, Great Escape Stage Company, Skits & Giggles, QTK and Tibbits Opera House. She also currently teaches at WMU and Kalamazoo College.

QTK Show Involvement


-Bell's Mom:  BIcycle by Brooke Lindley

-Performer: MisCast Cabaret

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